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    SQL-question that wont work but is correct?

    I put up a survey for this thing I have to do to get my masters (education).
    The problem is that I get a "type-mixing" error. The SQL-question is:
    SELECT 9 FROM Survey WHERE 9 = '2'
    Now the thing is that since the survey is standardized the fields are called
    1-46 but it seems that SQL think it's a number bcs if I put 's around the 9 after the WHERE it runs or remove the 's around the 2. But that is not what I'am asking the DB for.

    I think I solved it myself . Somewhere I rembered using ['s and it seem to work.
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    Be more specific in what you are asking for by specifying the table name aswell.

    SELECT Survey.9 FROM Survey WHERE Survey.9 = 2

    You only need to add the apostrophes to the 2 if the datatype is text and not integer.


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