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    Relating images to database

    Hi, I need some helps on PHP/MySQL here. Rather than asking for source code, I need someone to clarify my idea here:

    I got a set of pictures (72 x 28 pixels), which is in OTB (Over The Air Bitmaps) format. Well, these are pictures that you can send as picture messages for mobile phones. Now for a Web page, OTB format is not a valid picture format (like JPEG, GIF, or PNG) which you can insert into the Web page using editor like Dreamweaver. So my idea is to make a PNG format out of those OTB files so that I can insert as pictures into the Web. If a user now clicks one of those pictures, say, RABBIT.PNG, a new window will pop up prompting the user to enter his mobile phone number to send the picture. The fact is it is not RABBIT.PNG that is sent, but should be RABBIT.OTB.

    The question here is how do I "put" all my OTB pictures in MySQL database? What should I assign such that RABBIT.PNG is referring to RABBIT.OTB? That is to say if I click on RABBIT.PNG, it is RABBIT.OTB that is being called from the database and put into my existing PHP scripts for process?

    Your advice on how should I approach this is desperately needed. Thanks!

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    I'd be carefull putting the file directly into mySQL. I like to put the path to the file in the DB. Then you can save the files somewhere and query the DB to get your path.


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