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    Mysql - grabbing information

    Could someone please show me code to select "information" as the table and search the column "uid" and look through it until it find a uid that matches $UID and now that it knows where $uid matches with $UID i want it to echo the username in that row under column "username"

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    in what language ??

    the query would be

    "SELECT uid,username FROM information WHERE uid=$UID"

    (assuming uid in the DB is an integer else put quotes around it (WHERE uid='$UID')

    I assume you mean PHP (cos of the '$' - but could be PERL as well?)

    anyway in PHP (and I am assuming there can only be one row returned)

    PHP Code:
    =mysql_query("SELECT uid,username FROM information WHERE uid=$UID")or die(mysql_error());
    <html><body.... etc etc
    <tr><td><?echo $row[0];?></td><td><?echo $row[1];?></td></tr>
    blah blah.... etc
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