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    Trouble with Order By

    edit, ignore this thread, I already found the problem, I miss that there is this code
    PHP Code:
    $query1 $query1 "order by "$SCHEMAx ."ZSD_DRLIST.KUNNR, "$SCHEMAx ."ZSD_DRLIST.LIFEX"

    If I put this
    PHP Code:

    at the end of the query here below, the query no longer works. What is the reason for this?
    PHP Code:
    $query1 $query1 "from "$SCHEMAx ."ZSD_DRLIST ";
    $query1 $query1 "left join "$SCHEMAx ."KNA1 on "$SCHEMAx ."ZSD_DRLIST.KUNNR = "$SCHEMAx ."KNA1.KUNNR and "$SCHEMAx ."ZSD_DRLIST.MANDT = "$SCHEMAx ."KNA1.MANDT ";
    $query1 $query1 "where "$SCHEMAx ."KNA1.MANDT = '"$MANDTx ."' ";
    $query1 $query1 "and WADAT >= '"$sdate ."' and WADAT <= '"$edate ."' and AUART = '"$transtype ."' ";
    $query1 $query1 "and ZSD_DRLIST.NAME1 >= '"str_replace("\\","",$fromcustomer) ."' and ZSD_DRLIST.NAME1 <= '"str_replace("\\","",$tocustomer) ."'  "
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