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    MySQL Query Timeout Problem

    Are there any SQL gurus out there who could take a look at the following code and spot any errors or better methods? The query below is being run on a table with about 300K records and it's timing out at 6000 seconds.


    SELECT T1.*

    FROM mytable AS T1,

    (SELECT col1, col2, COUNT (col1) AS cnt
    FROM mytable
    GROUP BY col1
    HAVING cnt>1
    ) AS T2

    WHERE T1.col1 = T2.col1
    AND T1.col2 = T2.col2
    ORDER BY T1.col1


    Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    What is its purpose? It seems like you're trying to find out which rows have an aggregate col1 count greater then 1? Is there a reason you can't use limit? I'm sure OP will know better then me, but on the surface, nothing looks wrong/bad here; seems more like a server issue or malformed table structure. You have a solid primary key? Good normalization?

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    One fatal flaw in there is the GROUP BY: It is *ONLY* grouping on COL1.

    Any DB except MySQL would not even allow that. And even with MySQL that gives oddball results.

    For example, if you had these table contents:
    COL1 -- COL2
        1 -- 1
        1 -- 2
        1 -- 3
        2 -- 1
    and then you do
    FROM table GROUP BY COL1
    That will give you OUTPUT of
    COL1 -- COL2 -- count
        1 -- 1    -- 3
        2 -- 1    -- 1
    Except that there is no predicting what value you will get for that red 1. It could be 1 or 2 or 3.

    And now, when you go to JOIN that sub-select, you have NO IDEA which value of COL2 you will be joining on!

    Keleth: Your instincts are right. But LIMIT doesn't help here. That would limit him to a total of N records, not N per COL1 value.
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