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    SELECT / UPDATE table using $variable

    Hi Everyone,

    I hoping to get some assistance. I'm creating an upload property form consisting of four different pages, each page requiring different information.

    Page1 - requiring information about the property. I have created my table based on what is required from this this page only.

    This is what it looks like with information inputted from page 1

    All this works great. Once I get to page 2 this then requires further information (no. Bathrooms, bedrooms garage etc). What I want to do (if possible) is add Bathrooms/Bedrooms/Garage to this column based on information already submitted. So by the end, the image above with contain alot more information

    PHP Code:

    "SELECT propertyid FROM propertylisting WHERE username = '$username'";
    $update"UPDATE INTO propertylisting WHERE propertyid='$id' ADD (bathrooms varchar(2))"// This is what I mean
    I hope this makes sense...
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    You must *FIRST* add those fields to your table.

    Use your MySQL tools to do that. Not coding.

    Then it's easy:
    $sql = "UPDATE propertylisting SET bathrooms = $bathrooms WHERE username = '$username' ";
    But *PLEASE* don't make the field BATHROOMS be VARCHAR(2)!!!

    It's a *NUMBER* so TREAT IT AS A NUMBER!!!!

    Since many real estate listings will show "2.5 baths", you need to make it either a FLOAT value or perhaps DECIMAL(6,2) or similar.
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