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    Script for matching products together - advice needed

    Hi guys

    I'm currently building up a projector lamps shop. I need to get all of the world's existing projectors (makes & models), all of the available lamps for them and then tell which projector matches what lamps.

    My idea was to go to a similar website and grab all the makes & models from it's source, which would give me list like that:

    <option  value="CP 2000X (4500W) (CDXL-45)-vprf.html">CP 2000X (4500W) (CDXL-45)
    <option  value="CP 2000X (6000W) (CDXL-60)-vprf.html">CP 2000X (6000W) (CDXL-60)
    <option  value="CP S1024-vprf.html">CP S1024
    ... etc
    Then replace html tags with MySQL syntax, so that everything can be injected into database straight away. Do the same then with lamps, and finally create a MySQL table "compatibility" which would contain 2 fields - projector_id and lamp_id - which would then pair the lamp with the compatible projector.

    Now my question - is there any easier/smarter way to do it? Any advice on any part would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, that's the correct DB design. So I'd be very inclined to say "yes," you have it right.

    I don't know how you will determine that lamps are compatible with what projectors, but if you have that part worked out to your satisfaction then I think there's nothing more to say.
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