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    accessing remote db file in dmz

    Forgive me for what may be a simple question. I've never had to work with this scenario before.

    We have a client who wants a very basic website that lists their products. But the database population and updating is a little tricky.

    They have their own SQL database (Active db, navision C/side) used internally for their products.

    Every night, they want to put an updated dump file or csv file into their server's DMZ.

    From there, they want us to access it to populate a database on the server hosting their website, so we can show the available products online. But I don't know how we access remotely to that file so we can do what we need to do - let alone doing it automatically!

    This is a little above my pay-grade, as they say.

    Any help on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Have you ever used AJAX? Where the browser uses the XMLHTTP object to communicate with the server?

    Well, servers can do the same thing. And the best part is that server side code is *NOT* restricted to the same domain.

    So... The question now is, what server-side technology are you using or going to use? PHP? ASP? JSP?

    And now go ask your question in the appropriate forum. (I know how to do it in ASP and JSP, for example, but I don't use PHP.)

    As for importing into MySQL (I assume you are giong to use MySQL since you asked in a MySQL forum?), that's *probably* easy if you use MySQL's LOAD DATA INFILE command.
    It can handle most CSV formats.
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