1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

- Create a specific torrent of a directory, and upload it on a specific private tracker to correct category -

It will need to do:
[] SFV check new directories on the FTP machine, make the torrent file as soon as it appears [torrent file should be created as fast as possible]
[] Upload the .torrent file on the tracker(different machine) and select the right category(according to the .nfo) or folder name and seed it from the FTP and from correct directory.

More info will be given in PM about the project..

2) Payment Amount: $75 USD - $120 USD

3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?):


4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders):

Need a coder who knows what he is doing and should have good idea or experience with these kinds of projects and it should be BUG free.