We are a group of talented web developers from Serbia. We have been working for a company from the USA since 2009. (2 years),supplying everything,but considering that the team grows up,the scope of their needs becomes too small for us (we are able to handle much more projects than we get from that company each month).

Although we are working as a team,our services are not expensive - our hourly wage is in range of $10-$15,but you get a team of 6 people working on your project in the same time while you still pay one developer. That is our policy,we always work together on all projects but the client pays one developer only.
That way,we can do a lot of projects every month and the projects are being completed very quickly.

Also,we have personal website(project management software) where you can track your project all the time.

Our knowledge base includes:
- PHP (advanced level - CakePHP,Zend,CodeIgniter...)
- MySQL (advanced level)
- xHTML (advanced level)
- CSS (advanced level)
- JavaScript (advanced level)
- jquery (advanced level)
- AJAX (advanced level)
- SEO (medium level)

Contact email: development.milos@gmail.com