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    Question Web Designer Qualifications / Basics

    Hello there folks,

    I have become fed up with my day job and fancy a major career change.

    Having done web-design and coding in my spare time for 4 years or so, I have acquired quite a lot of knowledge along the way which I think might give me a stable basis for perhaps applying for a job, and what I am seeking here today is not a job offer, but opinions on what constitutes a good web developer, and whether people think that my skills are good enough or need polishing.

    I am conversant in the following:

    -- XHTML
    -- CSS
    I am aware and code to the W3C standards for XHTML, and make heavy use of CSS to design my sites, ensuring style and content is separated

    -- Javascript
    I have written many forms with advanced functionality, including a simple form which passes an order through to PayPal, as well as scripts to manipulate the DOM.

    -- PHP
    -- MySQL
    I have a website with a Content Management System

    -- Basic XML and XSLT
    -- Regular Expressions
    I have written a script which turns formatted data (by parsing the information using Regexes) into XML, and then applies styling rules using XSLT

    I am very aware of the differences in behaviours between each browser (IE, Mozilla, Opera etc), and that workarounds for each browser may be required to get cross browser operation.

    Also, I have produced my own graphics using the GIMP.

    I am in the throws of rebuilding my personal site at the moment (which has all of my past projects on it).

    Would these be a decent grounding, or is there anything more that I should be learning?

    Be honest with me. I shall put up a link to my site when I get it up and running again.

    Thanks in advance


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    Freelance jobs also suck , customer will pay $50 and ask you to develop a facebook type of site.


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