I'm looking for some work doing X/HTML and/or CSS.

What I do
X/HTML, completely valid. I see no reason to write it any other way. (Including "fixing" it for IE. If it doesn't validate, I probably won't code it, although I've been known to make an exception or two.)
CSS, see above.

What I don't do
Crap... I mean, Flash
Anything server-side. I never got around to learning it... I really should
Images, because I don't have an image editor. MSPaint doesn't count. It's about as useful (to me) as Minesweeper for editing images.
Any other sort of "scripting". This would include Javascript or anything other than the X/HTML and CSS I mentioned above.

I'm mostly just looking for something to keep my coding skills up to par. It doesn't even have to be paid, although that would be preferred. I'm willing to help with just about anything I can. Although, if you're looking to hire someone on a semi-permanent basis, I'd definitely be interested in that, too. Drop me a PM if you have something. I don't check here as much as I used to...

Odd, how that works... I have more free time, and spend less of it doing what I want to do for a career... Anyone have a pill that can help with that?