If you are in the hunt for a web site designer then here is where you stop looking and start your next project. Darwick's specializes in simple, clean business or hobby designs at an affordable rate. We work harder to get you the design you deserve and need for your growing web site.

What we can do for you...

1. Create a totally unique design for your site in as many pages as you need.
2. Make a PSD of the graphics for that design & PSD layouts.
3. Install a java script, rss feed, php script, etc on your web host.
4. Set up your web hosting.
5. Web Design Maintenance for your web site.
6. Transfer a html site into php for better ability to handle links, css & code.
7. Hand code a css style sheet.
8. Hand code a html page.
9. Create a start page for your web site.
10. And more! just Email us or get a free quote!

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Darwick's Design Portfolio: http://www.darwicksdesign.com/portfolio.php
Email: admin@darwicksdesign.com