As the title states, I am a seasoned programer, fluent in many languages, but I prefer C(++), ASM, and Python when and where possible. My Code has been called "Clean, Well Organised, And So Well Commented an illiterate Monkey could Read it". Now Im not calling you fine fellows monkeys, please dont take it that way, but I do have a knack for organization in my code.

I have found multiple vulnerabilities in large corporate software and as such follow the rules of secure coding. I am available for projects ranging from a simple Bindshell to a Database System with Secured Sockets. I do have a tendency to go above and beyond, but I havent had any complaints yet. I would prefer a secure Paypal Payment Method, and for anything that is over 200$ USD I ask for one quarter up front. Which is actually less than many people ask for.

To Sum it up quickly:

I am:
- Fluent In Many Languages
- Codes Securely
- Relativly Cheap
- Negotiable

Contact at your earliest convience at:, or in PM on these fine forums.