I have 6 years of experience ranging from (X)HTML, CSS, some PHP, and some MySQL. I would absolutely love to build a website from scratch for something. This includes thinking of the perfect domain for their site, then buying/setting it up with hosting. Then designing and coding their layout and installing it directly on their site for them. I really want a new challenge to push myself and help me gain more experience.

For a domain, hosting, personalized email, custom layout, entire site coding (1 to 5 pages), CSS stylesheet, basic SEO optimization, form processor, 1 to 5 images, one-time data backup, all within a 4 hour time period.... $100

Visit my website at www.inthedesigns.net and contact me if you're interested in receiving a website. The money isn't that important to me at this moment as what I'm really looking for is to gain experience.