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    WebGL Globe (Google Experiments) doesn't display world map image

    My website display the globe can be found here.

    Anyways, previously I was having issues with loading the globe itself. However I fixed that, the globe loads, but the world map image doesn't display on the globe as shown. The image can be found here. A user with a similar issue here, had a solution that worked for him. However it didn't for me. Any suggestions?

    Here's my globe.js (section):

    PHP Code:
    shader Shaders['earth'];
    uniforms THREE.UniformsUtils.clone(shader.uniforms);

    uniforms['texture'].value THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture('world.jpg'); 
    and then:

    PHP Code:
    opts.format opts.format || 'magnitude'// other option is 'legend'
    if (
    opts.format === 'magnitude') {
    step 3;
    colorFnWrapper = function(datai) { return colorFn(data[i+2]); };
    } else if (
    opts.format === 'legend') {
    step 4;
    colorFnWrapper = function(datai) { return colorFn(data[i+3]); };
    } else {
    'error: format not supported: '+opts.format);

    (Full globe.js: /** * dat.globe Javascript WebGL Globe Toolkit * http://dataarts.github.com/ - Pastebin.com)

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    dunno, but the error console says:
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://warofworlds.net/globe/world.jpg
    and the pic you link to is
    so, uh... that might mean something...


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