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    Track sections of content on single page as virtual page view in Google Analytics

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    I'm trying to track when a "section" of a single page website is in the viewport and send that to Google Analytics as a virtual page view.

    A few notes:
    • I'm not a javascript coder but have a very rough idea on how things work in terms of inserting scripts into pages and the like
    • Already calling jquery 1.8
    • Google analytics is working on the site and tracking menu clicks and time on page etc all very well.
    • The sections are defined by div's with unique IDs e.g. #section-about
    • I'm now trying to capture tracking info for people that do not use the menu but just scroll down the page and view each section
    • I'd only want to capture a "page view" if the section was in view for longer than say 2 seconds.

    I found this which looks to get me part of the way there but I'm at a loss at so how to customise it:

        var tracking_active = '';
        var tracking = {
            'section-approach': '/testing/section-approach',
            'section-about': '/testing/section-about'
        function scrollTrackPageview(){
            var section = '';
            $.each(tracking, function(key, value) {
                section = value;
                if($(window).scrollTop() >= $('.'+key).offset())
                    return false;
                return true;
            if(!section || section == tracking_active)
                return false;
            _gaq.push(['_trackPageview', section]);
            //console.log('Bereich: '+section);
            tracking_active = section;
        $(window).on("scroll", scrollTrackPageview);
    Thanks in advance for the time and effort.

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    You said you are using ids but you are doing $('.'+key) and not $('#'+key).

    You also need to use debounce function in order to prevent firing scrollTrackPageview() multiple times for every scroll.

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    Thanks very much. I'll give this a go and see how I get on.


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