I am creating a web application that uses Javascript and the Facebook SDK to authenticate and load users.

So the user goes onto the site, Facebook asks for the permissions, and then I fetch the users name and unique ID and other data.

I want to be able to create a USERS object, that stores all the users, and each user is an object itself. But I want to be able to identify each 'user' object, by their Unique ID (as their name is ambiguous). I then want to pass a variable and store it in that user object. The user object has only 3 variables, their unique ID, their name, and the ID of the song they are currently listening to (the variable I want to pass).

How exactly would I go about this?

I have self taught myself Javascript so I am not that clued up on everything.

I have no code to paste as I haven't created it yet, still wanting to find more help on the subject. I don't mind posting the entire script I am using though if it helps.