Here's the page with the problems:

I'm using client-side google maps geocoding, and running the geocode function onsubmit. I have two problems which may be related. First, when I use the enter key, the geocode function doesn't run on FF or chrome and haven't tried IE. Submitting the form works with mouse click.

Second, which may be related, if I submit the form (with mouse) once and go back and try a different city in the search box, the one variable "search location" is updated but the lat and lon are not, as if the geocode function isn't running. Perhaps this is a timing issue where the function isn't running before it heads to the process2.php page? But if I go back and submit the form again, the lat and lon corresponds to the search location.

I've viewed quite a number of posts about the keyboard 13 key, but I couldn't get it to work in my case. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!