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    Why not do the data structure first for the weapons and then build the logic based from that data?

    Something like this.
    var oneHandWeapons = {
        'axe': {
            'skills' : ['skill1', 'skill2', 'skill3'],
            'conditions': ['condition1', 'condition2', 'condition3']
        'hammer' : {
            'skills' : ['skill1', 'skill2', 'skill3'],
            'conditions': ['condition1', 'condition2', 'condition3']
    I'm not saying the above structure is correct. I'm just showing a rough example.

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    I have indeed done something else now and it is working. Using the same technique as with the other stuff with the "div style="display:block" and so on.

    Many thanks for all the help. At this point I don't care much about the code itself, as long as it's working. I will make the code better once I have a better understanding of javascript and/or jquery.

    I learned HTML and PHP back in the days by just doing stuff, playing around with it and so on. So I will do the same with javascript now

    Thanks again!

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