Hi guys

I would appreciate if you find some time to look into my problem, that I bumped into when building a website.


In the last section of my page (at the very bottom) I have three rows of logos that have fade in function. I used scrollorama plugin for it. The thing is I only see it function when I right click on the page "Inspect element" and then it pushes the webpage higher. So I guess the fade in function starts working only when the last section is in the middle of the screen.

My question is, how could I make the function start earlier?
I have this kind of code, what could I add to make it work properly?

PHP Code:
.animate('#fade-in',{ duration700property:'opacity'start:0end:100 })
animate('#fade-in',{ duration700property:'top'end50 }) 


I have used scroll.js plugin before on my other webpage and it worked well. But now when I click on my navigation buttons at the right it just jumps to the right section not slides. How can I make it slide, what am I missing here?

Im very thankful if you could point out any suggestions