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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip M View Post
    Presumably he learned from the code of more than one person, so "other peoples' code".
    Difference between UK and USA punctuation rules, no doubt.

    "People" is already plural. So "people's" means "of the [many] people."

    We would use "peoples" in the sense of "collections of different kinds of [many] people," as in "the peoples of the world." Meaning "the different kinds of people [male people, female people, Asian people, European people, etc.] found throughout the world."

    So "peoples' differences" might make sense: The differences between Asian people and European people, for example. But "people's differences" would be used to mean the difference between individual persons.

    In other words, "persons' differences" is equivalent in USA English to "people's differences" and there's no equivalent using "person" to "peoples' differences."

    Or, to be marginally relevant to this thread, "other persons' code" is equivalent to "other people's code" in USA punctuation.
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