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    Wanting to create a browser Add-on

    Hello everyone, first post so hopefully this is in the right place.

    I am hoping to write an add-on (preferably cross-browser), but am a little lost as to where to start. My coding knowledge is only VBA but i'm looking at this as a learning project.

    I guess my first question is what do I write this on. From what I've researched, javascript would probably best to achieve my goal - so I've downloaded Kango (and python).

    The tool I am hoping to create is probably beyond anything a beginner should be attempting, but when I went looking for an add-on couldn't find anything that did what I wanted. Was also a little surprised that there wasn't an add-on marketplace for programmers to sell their wares.

    {Please note I have no intention/delusions of selling this add-on and am only looking at this as I thought it would be a useful tool to have}

    For those that have read this far and can advise if I am looking at the correct developer tools to be using, you have my thanks. I'll give a description of what I hope to make for those who have not yet lost interest.

    Project: A selective print tool.
    Sounds easy, doesn't it.

    User clicks add-on button to activate tool
    Highlight's text that will be printed
    Moves down the page a little and highlights another piece of text
    ... and repeat

    This means that multiple pieces of text are highlighted similarly on the page as if you have clicked and dragged to highlight the text. These selections though can be clicked on and deleted (if the user no longer wants that text printed)

    When everything has been highlighted, user clicks add-on button to turn off the tool and a preview (iframe?) of the result is displayed. User can then close this or print.

    I was also thinking of allowing a highlighted section to be selected and have the background coloured to make sections stand out - maybe for later.

    This came about when I was trying to print some emails from a gmail conversation. Because the email had been sent to people not using gmail, the conversation no longer flowed as separate emails. Printing out the full thing still worked but all the footers and disclaimers were also printed. 4 pages to print about 25 lines of text (much of which was going on about not printing for environmental reasons).

    If you think this can be done using javascript and can advise of the right tools that will get me there, I would be most grateful. I'll also be looking at the various youtube videos for pointers on writing javascript. I know this isn't something a beginner should be taking on, but it's a very long term project.

    thanks for reading.

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