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    Multiple charts in one "frame"?

    Hello everybody,
    I am currently seeking for a possibility to have multiple line charts all together in one big frame with shared time axis and, ideally, a view finder. I didn't find any javascript libraries that include this option (there are some libraries to have a single chart with view finder and of course i could simply create multiple of these, but this wouldn't be what I want).
    Does anybody know JS libraries that would fit these requirements?

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    what do you understand by 'view finder'?

    how will the chart data be defined?

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    A method for displaying multiple lines of data, sure .svg or canvas should be able to do it. And .svg can be very javascript friendly. Is this time axis 'realtime' or a display of time past? With .svg you could put all the plots in one 'box' with lines of different color and style, dashed vs. solid. With .canvas and a compliant browser you can right click and download the graph. With php and .svg you can make a download button and download the graph. You could make the graph refresh at a given interval, etc. etc..
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