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    server side validation verses client side validation

    Hi I'm new to javascript and asp programming. Can someone please tell me when I would use client side validation instead of server side validation.

    Thanks for your help

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    If you are talking about a publicly accessible website then you would/should never use client-side validation instead of server-side validation. Rather, you always use server-side validation and add client-side validation to complement/enhance the functionality.

    Only if you have full control over the program the user is using and can assure that they are not able to deactivate JS by themselves you could solely rely on client-side validation.

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    JavaScript form validation only provides convenience for users, not security. This means that JavaScript should be used as an "enhancement", not as a requirement. So your form should not be dependent on JavaScript alone to perform your validation. Instead, whatever server-side language you use to process the form (PERL, ASP, PHP, etc.) should also perform the same validation. Otherwise, people will be able to bypass your validation (and even possibly inject malicious code) simply by disabling Javascript.

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