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    js or any other platform for cryptography


    I first learned visual basic and that's where I come from in terms of a background. I am looking for the best way (or easiest way) to use a language to create a GUI with one big box on it that can hold a long string of various length (per what the user enters). It should have a button on it to encrypt the message and output the encryption string. It should also have a feature on it to decrypt an encrypted string that is entered into the box.

    The GUI portion is not a big deal, however the mathematics behind the encryption would be the difficult part. What I would really like to do is create my own cryptographic algorithm. And what would be even more desirable would be to create a mutational model so that random algorithms (a static count of 'x' that are stored in the coding of the application, for instance) are used for all messages that are requested to be encrypted.

    Do you guys have any advice regarding this? I would guess that, if a mutational model was even possible, something similar to a hash salt would have to used to identify which algo was used to encrypt any given message so that the same algo could be referenced if decryption was requested of the same message that was encrypted.

    thanks guys. I am not going to provide a disclaimer for this thread, however lest I should say that the intention of this is not evil. But think what you will. Any advice welcome and appreciated.

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    This might interest you. It's an emulator I wrote for the 3 and four rotor Enigma machines.


    It's written entirely in javascript, which means that anyone can read the code and break it. That's the great weakness of javascript as far as security is concerned. Of course I wasn't worried about security, I just wanted a convenient programming language that worked with a friendly GUI, a web page. Any PL that can perform mathematical operations with integers can be used for crytography. The great weakness of the Enigma was that the same machine was used for encoding and decoding by use of a 'reflecter' which made it so that no letter could be encoded into itself. It's interesting that they could have avoided this by making both the keyboard and lampboard with interchangeble plugs, so for them the war was lost.
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