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    running a .reg file from a webpage

    I understand that this is not the done thing for security reasons, but these particular pages of mine are not for general consumption.

    I have a .reg file that I would like to access from a link in a webpage. In IE you can do an onclick and it will ask if you want to run (or save) the file.

    But in other browsers (FF and Chrome for example) the onclick brings up a new tab with the contents of the .reg file.

    Is there a way to make these other browsers also prompt to run the file?
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    add a download attrib to a link pointing to the reg file, the name of the file as you want it saved locally, download='addtoregistry.reg' to trigger a save instead of navigation in FF and chrome, while the <a> tag itself lets a user save as in older browsers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tpeck View Post
    Is there a way to make these other browsers also prompt to run the file?
    Using rnd me's suggestion:

    Firefox will recognize the file as an ordinary text file and you'll need to manually navigate to regedit.exe, and then click "OK" to run the file. Firefox will remember which application you used to open a file type last, so simply clicking "OK" will work after that.

    Chrome prompts you to save the file with a "Save As" dialog after which point you'll need to click the download tile at the bottom of the window to open the file. If you activate "Always open files of this type" in the tile options menu (which is accessed from the arrow button at the right of the tile), Chrome will instead ask you if you want to "Keep" or "Discard" the file without bothering you with the "Save As" dialog. Clicking "Keep" will run the file.

    In Opera (Opera Next 15), the file will automatically be downloaded. You can run the file by double-clicking the tooltip that appears at the top right of the screen after the file has been downloaded or by opening the Downloads panel (through the toolbar button, Opera menu, or by pressing Ctrl+J) if the tooltip disappears on you.
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