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    Question Not getting the form


    i have a strange behavior on my webpage on my local computer.
    i have 2 forms. One of them is defined as following:
    <form class='form-validate view' id='siteForm' name='siteForm' method='post' action='<?php echo $url; ?>' >
       <!-- blah, blah -->
       <a class="delete" href="#" title="Delete selected records" onclick="alert(document.siteForm.boxchecked.value);">
          <span class="trash-icon"></span>
       <!-- blah, blah -->													
       <input type="hidden" name="boxchecked" value="" />
    during runtime user can tick checkboxes and a javascript function updates the value of input field called boxchecked (this works very well)

    my problem:
    - if user click on the link, the alert message does not display any data... (the code on onclick is just temporary)

    if i want to retrieve the value and display it correctly, i must use:
    instead of:
    why ?
    it's like js is not able to find the siteForm form object

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    Well, just for starters, named <form>s *ARE* obsolete.

    Which means that the the construction document.siteForm is also obsolete.

    I don't know of any browser that actually enforces this--all that I have used still support document.siteForm--but possibly you have run into a browser that is enforcing the obsolescence?

    In short, I wouldn't worry too much about it because document.getElementById('siteForm') is the correct modern coding. And kill the name= in your <form> tag.


    Possible reason: Although IDs must be unique on a page, names do not need to be unique, at all. However, if you have multiple objects with the same name, then JS will treat them as an array.

    Perhaps you have *another* object on the page with that same name?

    An easy way to find out:
    alert( document.siteForm.length );
    That will be null if there is only one name "siteForm" or will tell you how many there are if more than one.
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