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    Javascript non repeating strings in array help?

    I am trying to get a new string from my array of strings everytime my button is clicked (not have the same string show up twice in a row) but it is not working. Here is my code..what am I doing wrong? Thankyou!

    function nextQuote() {
    var oldNumber;
    alert("button clicked");
    while (randomNumber == oldNumber){
    var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random()*quoteArray.leng…
    while (randomNumber != oldNumber)
    quoteText.innerHTML=(quoteArray[random… + '');
    authorText.innerHTML=(authorArray[rand… + '
    randomNumber = oldNumber;

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    We don't always have time to write your code from scratch
    and it would be more helpful of you to at least include the quote array.

    And it is easier to correct you code than design it from scratch
    so it would be nice of you to also include the HTML layout you desire.

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    Obvious errors:-

    quoteText.innerHTML=(quoteArray[random… + '');
    authorText.innerHTML=(authorArray[rand… + '

    Use your error console to expose errors of this kind!

    You would do better to shuffle your arrays and then take them in sequence which would mean that each one was never repeated - as it is the same string may appear at first, third, fifth etc.

    <body onload = "show()">
    <input type = "button" id = "b1" value = "Show Next Quotation" onclick = "show()">
    <span id = "quote">Quotes in here</span>
    <span id = "author">Authors in here</span>
    <script type = "text/javascript">
    var q = []; // the quotations
    q[0] = "First quotation";
    q[1] = "Second quotation";
    q[2] = "Third quotation";
    q[3] = "Fourth quotation";
    q[4] = "Fifth quotation";
    q[5] = "Sixth Quotation";
    q[6] = "Seventh quotation";
    q[7] = "Eighth quotation";
    var len = q.length;
    var au = []; // the authors
    au[0] = "Author of first quotation";
    au[1] = "Author of second quotation";
    au[2]=  "Author of third quotation";
    au[3] = "Author of fourth quotation";
    au[4] = "Author of fifth quotation";
    au[5] = "Author of sixth quotation";
    au[6] = "Author of seventh quotation";
    au[7] = "Author of eighth quotation ";
    function shuffle(len) {
    var a = [], result = [];
    for (var i=0; i<len; i++)
    a[i ] = i;
    while (i>0) {
    var randy = Math.floor(Math.random()*i);
    a[randy] = a[--i];
    return result;
    var index = shuffle(len);
    alert (index);  // for testing
    var x = 0;
    function show() {
    var count = index[x];  // 0-7
    document.getElementById("quote").innerHTML = q[count];
    document.getElementById("author").innerHTML = au[count];
    if (x > len-1) {
    index = shuffle(len);  // shuffle again
    alert (index);  // for testing
    x = 0;

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