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    Simple weather script (with built in graphics)

    I've been looking around for a javascript/jquery script that will allow the weather to display on the website. I've only come across two that seem to fit the bill of what I'm looking for but neither one works for some reason once I get it down from the web.

    http://codecanyon.net/item/weathersl...widget/1058937 (Which ticks me off because I paid for it)


    Which works online but as soon as I download and run, the weather will not update. This have something to do with PHP? I can not run PHP/ASP on this website. It's just a digital display running from a stand alone box.

    So... is there a simple way to display a weather widget which pulls the weather say from yahoo? Then tell javascript to display an animated picture (I'll be drawing them) dependent upon what the weather is?

    Does this make sense?

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    Your first widget has the magic word WordPress in the description, so I would have backed away.
    Your second one uses php. So that's causing your problem.
    You say " I can not run PHP/ASP on this website." Maybe time to look for another site. Plenty of free ones out there that allow php or asp.

    I use firefox with Speed Dial and one of the sites is http://www.weather.gov/ set to my little town. There are a number of weather sites that you can open in a browser and a number of widgets that displays weather on your desk top. I got one with vista.

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    Another free one, with several options on what gets displayed:

    There are usage limitations, but a personal website shouldn't run into any of them.
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    this thread may be of some use. If you want to use your own graphics you would have to supply your own logic, to dictate which graphic to show under which conditions , but that's not complicated

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