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    Help stopping tablets overiding mouse click

    Hi, I apologize my Javascript knowledge isn't great...

    Basically I have a bunch of hotspots on a map - here is what is supposed to happen.

    When on a computer -
    If you hover over the hotspot, some text shows.
    If you click the hotspot, you go straight to a URL.

    When on a a tablet/phone -
    If you touch the same hotspot some different text shows.
    You DO NOT get taken to the URL.

    The problem is when on a tablet and I touch a link I cannot seem to stop the url redirecting.

    I've tried preventDefault(); but I can't get it to stop the redirection on a smartphone.

    Here is the inline code I'm having trouble with. Any help would be amazing, thanks.

    <area shape="poly" href="javascript: void(0);" ontouchStart="preventDefault(); document.getElementById('results').innerHTML = '<p>tablet touched</p>';" onmouseover="document.getElementById('results').innerHTML = '<p>hovering</p>';" onmousedown="window.location='http://www.website.co.uk/';" />

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    I'm guessing that a tablet does not have an "onmousedown" event. There's really no reason why it would, unless I guess if you connected a mouse to it. The touch equivalent would appear to be touchstart, which I see you are using already... do you need two separate events, one for the touchscreen, one for the desktop?

    I guess there must be a spec out there somewhere (and I bet each manufacturer/OS has its quirks). This article seems to have some useful info

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    preventDefault() is not a global function, it is a method of the event object.

    i think webkit will let you away with arguments[0].preventDefault(), but you should use an external event either .ontouchstart=, or .addEventListener("touchstart" ...
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