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    Need help designing Form with messy input fields

    I am trying to replace some OLD NCR forms with new electronic PDF or HTML forms, but have run into a problem trying to replicate some of the high density entry methods.

    The forms are incredibly dense, and the number of options you have with only a few check marks and a circle or two is HUGE.

    SO...I am trying to replicate that style...

    Please see SECTION 23 (first) Example

    The Check boxes are easy...

    It is the "/" that cause problems. The first line with copper/Galvanized/... has 16 possible combinations. On paper I just circle the ones I want. Check boxes take up too much space, and pull downs would be WAY to complex and the user couldn't see all the options... (I have some with 8+ options)

    Is there a way using JavaScript to replicate the style and ease of use...

    I have 16 pages of this high density entry I am trying to put into a tablet.

    Since the Completed form -IS- the final product, the data is not collected, uploaded, or sent to a spreadsheet, the form is PRINTED and given to the client, is there a way to mix PDF Markup with PDF check boxes and JavaScript into one document? Using Check boxes where we can, but allowing circles as options where we need the density?

    Please see MULTI example.

    Several people have tried to make Web entry forms, but by spreading out the inputs, they take PAGES for one sub-section, and there is no easy way to jump from the Plumbing page (8 sub sections) to the Electrical page (7 Subsections) as there is with the tabs in the NCR binder.

    What I WANT is a copy of the NCR forms, with check boxes, highlights, Jump tabs down the side and pull downs for the most common comments. I can get 75% of it With PDF and JavaScript, but am baffled when it comes to the "/" type choices.

    Ideas? Suggestions? Anyone want to tackle a project?

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    He posted again, with attachments. Read the other thread of same title from almost same time.

    rsisson: Next time, if something like that happens, just reply to your own message with the attachments in a second message.
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