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    Quote Originally Posted by zorba View Post
    I hope you two have calmed down now...Yes, I checked into SSL and think that is the way for me to go. The clients for my site have plenty of money, so the the cost of implementing SSL is of minimal concern.
    a sound plan. don't forget to multi-hash your db pw cols!

    i know the senior coders around here bicker like an old married couple, but we enjoy it, it's a nice break from easy-answer questions like "why does xxx only work the first time?"...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorba View Post
    I hope you two have calmed down now
    No one was upset so no one needs to calm down - we were just presenting different viewpoints.

    Yes hashing the password in JavaScript prevents the attacker being able to use it to break into other sites that don't use identical hashing.

    The main point that I was trying to make is that it provides no additional protection for your site the way SSL does because the hash is the password as far as your site is concerned (and if you allow for some of your users not having JavaScript then you need to allow for the original password to work as well which means there are two passwords that will work for each account).

    You need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages in determining whether to implement the hashing - does making the page slower to load and your site slightly less secure in order to help protect your visitors against their own stupidity in reusing the same password on different sites worth it?
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