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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewGSW View Post
    It doesn't really require an IE8 conditional though, does it? Because it starts with:
    no, i'm sure hes talking about the common <head> scripts you see on most professional sites and integrated into modern frameworks like bootstrap or boilerplate.

    it's an IE shim for new [] methods, Object.[keys,defineProperty, etc], Date.now, et al.

    only IE would load the shim as its a sync external script tag in the head behind a conditional comment.

    so, if you have a solid foundation, you can simply write the 21st-century version and not have to worry about old browsers; they will run the new code just like real browsers.

    or you can write expressly for obsolete browsers and make it harder on yourself to save a few KB that only ancient devices will ever fetch anyway...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewGSW View Post
    It doesn't really require an IE8 conditional though, does it? Because it starts with:

    if (!Object.keys) {
    MDN reference
    BTW What are these fill-in-snippets called? "fill-ins"? "poly-fills"? I seem to recall there was a (semi-formal) term for them.
    No it doesn't need the IE8 conditional - the suggestion of using an IE8 conditional would allow you to remove that wrapper from around the code given that IE8 and earlier are the only browsers that don't recognise Object.keys.

    My suggesting an IE8 conditional was in response to Philip's suggestion that all this extra code would slow the script down. By including the poly-fill code in a conditional only IE8 would see it and all the modern browsers would not waste time downloading poly-fill code that they don't need.

    Ideally you'd place all the poly-fill code in one script that just gets loaded for IE8 and earlier -rnd_me has mentioned a couple of scripts that already contain the code to allow IE5 through IE8 to use all the same modern methods as modern browsers do (at least with respect to those where code to emulate the new method can be written using the old version of JavaScript - but then those that can't were not able to be written some other way in the past and so Philip would not be able to present an old style alternative to code that uses any of those methods).
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    Thank you @rnd_me and felgall.
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    As Cliff Bleszinki just recently stated: "Technology doesn't advance by worrying about the edge case". Granted, he was talking about something completely else, but the principle is the same. If you can add a conditional polyfill for IE, great. But that's about the maximum amount of trouble it'd be worth to me.

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