I have the following fiddle (click the 1 to see the board): http://jsfiddle.net/mauricederegt/vNpYe/1/

It creates a series of divs from the `var levels = [` part near the bottom of the script. The following part of the script loops through this to build up the board:

for (var i = 0, lngi = levels[level].length; i < lngi; i++) {
                    for (var j = 0, lngj = levels[level][i].length; j < lngj; j++) {
                        if (levels[level][i][j] > 0) {
                        etc etc....
This all works great. The problem is, that I want to add another layer of blocks. In the current script I have commented out the part called `//layer2`. When layer1 is done, I want to loop it again to add layer 2 on top of layer 1, (and more layers later) so it will look like this:

Ofcourse some code extending needs to be done. For instance a `z-index` needs to be added and the loop needs to be re-written a bit.

I am not that great at coding, but I did some attempts to get this right. See this fiddle with my attempt. I have marked the lines with: `//NEW added: etc` where I have added stuff to make this work:

The fiddle doesn't work cause the coding isn't quite right yet. Hope someone can help me out here. What am I missing/doing wrong?

Kind regards