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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Pedant View Post
    Very nice! Now let's see it in Japanese. <grin/>
    Hahahha. impossible

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    Quote Originally Posted by triko View Post
    Hahahha. impossible
    Oh, no. Not at all. Japanese number-words are quite reasonable.

    But okay, if not Japanese, then how about Russian?
    один два три четыре пять шесть семь восемь девять десять ... пятнадцать ... двадцать ... тридцать и так далее

    Russian is easy up to 99, but the "hundred" and "thousand" translations depend on how many hundreds or thousands.

    Transliterated from Cyrillic to Roman characters:
    1 == odin
    2 == dva
    3 == tri
    4 == chetire
    5 == pyat
    100 == sto (never "odin sto" unless trying to emphasize "ONLY one hundred")
    200 == dvesti (dva==>>dve, sto ==>> sti)
    300 == trista (sto ==>> sta)
    400 == chetiresta
    500 == pyatsot (sto ==>> sot !! )
    1000 == odna tisacha (odin ==>> odna, and here they do use the 1)
    2000 == dva tisachi (tisacha ==>> tisachi)
    3000 == tri tisachi
    4000 == chetire tisachi
    5000 == pyat tisach (tisacha ==>> tisach)

    All this because Russian doesn't just have single and plural. It has single, plural, and many (though of course they don't call it that...but it harkens back to maybe the days when people counted "one, two, three, four, many, many, many..." <grin/>).
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