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    Hope this is a Javascript issue, need a little help with a form.

    Hey everyone.

    I have an issue with the form I incorporated into my website. It sends the email to me in the end with the right information but there seems to be an issue when it's finished sending. It is supposed to close and submit a message saying Thank you but instead it drags down or just closes without saying anything.

    Here is the website link with the issue: WEBSITE

    Here's the code in the html:
    		$(document).ready(function() {
    			// SUCCESS AJAX CALL, replace "success: false," by:     success : function() { callSuccessFunction() }, 
    				ajaxSubmit: true,
    					ajaxSubmitFile: "ajaxSubmit.php",
    					ajaxSubmitMessage: "Thank you, We will contact you soon !",
    				success : function() { callSuccessFunction() },
    				failure : function() {}

    Please if someone could help me button this up, it would be fantastic and I'll be able to finish this little project of mine. Greatly appreciate it! If any more details are needed please let me know.

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    Well, first of all it's jQuery, not vanilla JavaScript, so you might be better off asking in the jQuery forum.

    Having said that: Ummm...I think you misunderstood the instructions.

    You are supposed to *REPLACE* the callSuccessFunction() with a call to YOUR OWN FUNCTION that tells the browser user that the email send was successful!

    I see no place in any of your files where you ever created such a function, certainly none with the name callSuccessFunction.

    Just as a (REALLY BAD, but should work) example:

         success : function() { alert("email sent successfully"; },
         failure : function() { alert("unable to send email"; }
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