Hey fellow coders and wizards!

I'm having the weirdest issue with a javascript based image gallery called Galleria. ( http://galleria.io/ )

The gallery features options for customization, such as autoplay, removing thumbnails and such. I have done exactly so. Here is my website:


If you view the CV -part of my site on Firefox ( which should be in the link ) you can see the gallery has thumbnails and the info box disabled, and autoplay turned on.

However, if you view it with IE, you will notice ( atleast I do ) that the gallery is different than what it is on Firefox. It has all the default settings; thumbnails, toggleable info box and such turned ON, and autoplay turned OFF.

The gallery options are defined in the sites code. Why is IE ignoring the options? What can I do to make the gallery look the same as with Firefox and other browsers? Ps. I know the CV download link isn't working, isnt the issue here.

Thank you beforehand!