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    Question Please help, desperate situation

    Dear bretheren,

    Really sorry if we seem like divs, but we have no clue whatsoever how to start off learning javascript. We have tried several times to understand. We want to create a simple website with a map which people can add makers to, including information such as email and a description, such as a lost cat.

    Much appreciated to all help,

    Donnybang (safe)

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    I'm afraid you will need to learn more than just JavaScript.

    Oh, you can build a WEB *PAGE* such as you described using just HTML and JavaScript (with the help of the Google Map API), but NOBODY ELSE would be able to SEE that page! Changes made by each user would only be visible on THAT user's computer.

    You will need to use server-side programming (PHP/JSP/ASP) and a database to do this. Meaning in addition to JavaScript you will need to learn a server-side language, how to set up a database, how to use the SQL language, etc. (To be fair, there is a product called "Node.js" that would allow you to use JavaScript on the server. But it's very different than browser-based JavaScript and you'd still need to learn SQL, et al.)

    What you are looking to do is something that would take even an experienced programmer probably several days to do. If you really know nothing about JavaScript (and you clearly don't know enough to know that JS alone can't do this), then I'd say you have a *MINIMUM* of 3 months of good hard studying ahead of you. Assuming your are pretty savvy.
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    I don't see how this is a 'desperate situation', unless referring to the lost cat
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