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    Delayed Preloading Image Script

    Has anyone got one?

    I have been looking around the internet and it doesn't seem to be possible, or that many do not use this.

    I have a website that loads in jCarouselLite, but it displays text. Then on "Mouseover" an image is displayed.
    If I preload images nearly all browsers will try to do this en masse, making the whole page lengthy to view. Of course I have taken the preload script out, and it's real quick (until I mouse over an image). This becomes more of a problem as the webpage serves an international crowd, adding a few more seconds on to each image.

    I really need the page to load ... then for images to be "Pre" loaded.
    If anyone has any scripts/idea it would be nice!

    Oh I have tried various solutions, mainly CSS methods.. but I can't find the right solution yet.
    I think I need JavaScript, which has a delay function and a preload image function... but I am not sure how that looks...
    Thanking you in advance

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    The point of preloading is so the images are there when you need them. You can use a normal image preloading javascript script placed in the doc head, but you should add a delay to the display area script until the page and all images are loaded.
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