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    Don't allow user to exit webpage?

    I have been searching the internet for a very long time for a solution to this but to no avail. I need someone to help me out with the following.

    When a visitor tries to exit out of my webpage, a dialog box appears and asks them to stay for x amount of time. I've seen this done before, but I can't seem to cite an example here. Basically, I would like the user to stay on the webpage for at least 30 seconds. So when they go to close the window or tab, a box will appear and ask them to stay for 30 seconds. When that time is up, they can leave the page. Does anyone know how to do this? Please help me out! Thank you so much.

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    You can try using the onbeforeunload() function and maybe set a timer. When the timer runs in the allotted time, the function will become false. I may be working on the code for my web page.

    Anyways, I have never seen a site that actually prevents you from closing a tab or window because of a timer; it can be annoying to some people. They may all ell end up using Task Manager or restart the computer.
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    But you can't PREVENT them from leaving. onbeforeunload will only ask them to confirm that they want to leave, using your message. If they say they want to leave, they are gone.
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    They can of course also simply turn off JavaScript on your page and they can then exit immediately regardless of what you try to do to prevent it.

    Of course anyone who does have trouble leaving your page will never return.
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