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    Searching Script

    Hey guys, I know very little java I took AP computer science in high school and have since forgotten most of it. I'm trying to write a code that :
    What I'm trying to do is have a script that loads a website such as

    and searches for a couple strings of words then if the strings aren't found
    it searches the next one, =000002, If it finds the strings that are required
    it would save the link or keep the page open and stop searching.
    I'm honestly not sure where to start so I came looking for a little bit of a
    shove in the right direction. Anybody with any ideas would be really


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    This is the javaSCRIPT forum. You can't do what you want in JavaScript (you can't load data from another site with JS), so I suspect you really do mean you want to use JAVA. About the only thing the two languages share are the first four letters of their names.
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    are you trying to implement pattern search?

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    I think you might want to install the add-on "Greasemonkey" for Firefox and start learning to use userscripts. You can do those kind of things with Greasemonkey easily.

    Example for a userscript
    // ==UserScript==
    // @name           Test for CF
    // @namespace      http://userscripts.org/users
    // @description    Test for CF
    // @include        http://www.anywebsite.com/showthread.php?t=*
    // ==/UserScript==
    // The header tells Greasemonkey on which pages it should run
    // The code below will run as soon as the page has been loaded, no need for onload here
    // customize wordlist here
    var wordlist = ["word1", "word2"];
    var found = true;
    var source = document.body.innerText;
    for(i=0; i<wordlist.length; i++) {
       if(source.indexOf(wordlist[i]) == -1) {
          // one of the words was not found
          found = false;
    if(!found) {
       // if at least one of the words was not found, go to next page
       // first extract the number
       var theHref = window.location.href;
       var theNextNumber = Number(theHref.substring(theHref.length-6))+1;
       theNextNumber = '000000' + theNextNumber;
       window.location.href = theHref.substring(0, theHref.length-6)+theNextNumber.substring(theNextNumber.length-6);


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