I'm using the combo box selection menu by Elviro Mirko from this site (http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/...plecombo.shtml)

I have made amendments to show my own data, however what I would like to happen is if the user selects from the top combo only, then all the records would be shown, whereas selecting from the second combo merely 'drills down' and shows the records required. - Hope that makes sense.

The code is as follows:

// first combo box

	data_1 = new Option("Douglas - DIS", "$");
	data_2 = new Option("Douglas - COE", "$$");
	data_3 = new Option("Peel - DIS", "$$$");
	data_4 = new Option("Peel - COE", "$$$$");
	data_5 = new Option("Ramsey - DIS", "$$$$$");
	data_6 = new Option("Ramsey - COE", "$$$$$$");
	data_7 = new Option("Castletown - DIS", "$$$$$$$");
	data_8 = new Option("Castletown - COE", "$$$$$$$$");		
// second combo box

	data_1_1 = new Option("Registry Office Douglas", "-");
	data_1_2 = new Option("Broadway Baptist Church Douglas", "-");
	data_1_3 = new Option("Finch Hill Congregational Church Douglas", "-");
	data_2_1 = new Option("St Thomas's Church", "--");
	data_2_2 = new Option("St Barnabas Church", "--");
	data_2_3 = new Option("St George's Church", "--");
The HTML code is as follows:

<select name="combo0" id="combo_0" onChange="change(this);" style="width:200px;">	
			<option value="">Select a Register...</option>
			<option value="Douglas - DIS">Douglas - DIS</option>
			<option value="Douglas - COE">Douglas - COE</option>
			<option value="Peel - DIS">Peel - DIS</option>
			<option value="Peel - COE">Peel - COE</option>
			<option value="Ramsey - DIS">Ramsey - DIS</option>
			<option value="Ramsey - COE">Ramsey - COE</option>
			<option value="Castletown - DIS">Castletown - DIS</option>
			<option value="Castletown - COE">Castletown - COE</option>

			<select name="combo1" id="combo_1" onChange="change(this)" style="width:200px;">
			<option value="">Select a venue...</option>

the link for the actual site is


If you choose Douglas-COE and search, then 0 records are found, if you choose Douglas-COE followed by St Thomas's then still 0 records are found but if you search the surname Allitson you'll see that there is a record there.

I'm not sure where I've gone wrong - I'm completely new to Javascript.

Any suggestions welcomed.