As part of course work for class I must write JavaScript/XML (with CSS) to carry out the following tasks. In essence it is a micro version of twitter. Users must be able to login, make posts, edit them.

A text box should appear, with reset/update buttons.

When the Update button is clicked the following occurs:
1. The user name is added to the message text typed by the user
2. A time stamp is added after the message text
3. A photo is added at the left
4. Any URLs are made into hyperlinks
5. The combined photo and text, formatted suitably, is prepended to the list of previous messages below the input area, i.e. the most recent item is at the top of the places visited.
6. The message box is cleared to allow further user input.
- When the Clear button is clicked the text area is cleared.


1. Using a manually created XML file users must be able to "register themselves"
2. Posts must be manually saved in an XML file which loads upon login
3. When anyone opens the default page they are presented with a list of all your journey and comments (retrieved from the server).
4. Allow a registered user who has logged in to add, delete or modify only their comments.
5. Use one or more XML files to record registered users and passwords as well as posts and comments. These are manually created in 1& 2 above.


I initally tackled the first section using innerHTML and other various Javascript components but am at a total loss as to how to achieve the same thing using nodes (and XML).

Any help with regards with where to begin would be much appreciated.