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    >> win you no friends here...
    I have been a member since 2006 but a very infrequent poster. Friends? Not sure - but I have no wish to make enemies; anywhere.

    I can assure you all that I have no intention of duplicate posting here or in webdev - ever again. The overall point is clear and I will be generally more considerate elsewhere.

    >> call it what you want. People do not like it...
    Yes, I can see that.
    >> if do not respect that people dislike this...
    I am mostly a user here and am grateful for the help I have received.

    I lose my cat and put up a notice in the health store - not two, just one. One in the library, one in the book store. The two stores object. We talk a bit and I take one down.

    I kind of felt that I innocently walked into the library and got jumped on and beaten up. Naively innocent? Possibly. I was just exploring and trying to understand why the bruises? I have learned something, extended my understanding, and am OK to leave this here. I will check back to see if there are any further comments and respond if asked but am fine if there are not. I hope this is constructive, not just sounding like a moan.

    Bottom line - I apologise for any bad feelings.
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