Hi there,

Im trying to make a page which using live eyetracking to present a stream of the viewers eyes as they watch a series of videos. I've used this library for the tracking: https://github.com/mtschirs/js-objectdetect

The first element, getting the eyes to display separately has worked fine (I had help) http://harrysanderson.webs.com/neweyestest.html

But when I try to add in the background video, for which i've used the bigvideo library

it breaks the tracking and instead all the we see is a static close up in both live video frames, as seen here: http://harrysanderson.webs.com/combine1.html

I've tried other solutions, like making the video absolute position h/w 100% etc, but im doing something wrong and the playback framerate is terrible. as seen here

I understand some of the playback issues may be to do with limited bandwidth on the server im using to test it. When the page is finished it will be uploaded to a server with unlimited bandwidth.

As you might be able to tell, I'm very new to all of this, and in a bit of a bind. So if you're feeling kind help a panicking student out, any help at this stage would be appreciated so much.