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    .html & src change not working

    I have navigation, with a dropdown subnav that gives them two options (level 6 and level 10). If they click on one or the other, it loads "views.php" then uses .html to write the correct information to sections. The img src portion isn't working???

    I also tried just using .html to replace the entire contents, instead of just the image src, but it still doesn't work.

    $('#level_six,#level_ten').live("click", function(event){		
    		if (!$('.tnav-views').hasClass("selected")) {
    		var chosen = $(this);
    		$('#view_levels_subnav').addClass('selected').css('display','block').fadeTo("slow", 1 );
    		$('.content').fadeTo('slow', 0, function() {
    			$('.content').load('inc/floorplans/views.php', function() {
    				$('.content').fadeTo("slow", 1 );
    				if(chosen.attr("id") == "level_six") {
    					$("#floorswitch_link").html("SEE LEVEL 10 ››").addclass("gototen");
    					$("#floorswitch_header").html("EAST - LEVEL 6");
    					$("#view_east").html("<img id=\"eastview\" src=\"images/views/6th_east_sm.jpg\">");
    				} else if(chosen.attr("id") == "level_ten") {
    					$('#floorswitch_link').html(' SEE LEVEL 6 &rsaquo;&rsaquo;').addclass("gotosix");
    					$("#floorswitch_header").html("EAST - LEVEL 10");	
    					$("#view_east").html("<img id=\"eastview\" src=\"images/views/10th_east_sm.jpg\">");
    				} else {
    					$('#floorswitch_link').html(' SEE LEVEL 10 &rsaquo;&rsaquo;').addclass("gototen");
    					$("#floorswitch_header").html("EAST - LEVEL 6");
    					$("#view_east").html("<img id=\"eastview\" src=\"images/views/6th_east_sm.jpg\">");
    here's the html:
    <div class="views">
    	<div class="article">
    		<h2 class="h2_whiteBg">VIEW: <span id="floorswitch_header"> EAST - LEVEL 6 <!-- here I can change out info for what view is seen --></span></h2>	
    		<div id="floorswitch_link">&nbsp;</div>	
    	<div class="view_selected" id="view_east" style="">
    		 <img id="eastview" src="images/views/6th_east_sm.jpg"> 
    	<div class="views_div" id="view_north" style="">
    		<img id="northview" src="images/views/6th_north_sm.jpg">
    	<div class="views_div" id="view_west" style="">
    		<img id="westview" src="images/views/6th_west_sm.jpg">
    	<div class="views_div" id="view_south" style="">
    		<img id="southview" src="images/views/6th_south_sm.jpg">
    <!-- the replacement divs -->
    		<div id="SubMenu"> 
    				<ul id="views_submenu" style="line-height:2em;z-index:2;float:left;padding-right:10px;">
    					<li><a style="color:#000;" class="views_submenu link_selected" id='link_east' href='#'>EAST</a></li>
    					<li><a style="color:#000;" class="views_submenu" id='link_north' href='#'>NORTH</a></li>
    					<li><a style="color:#000;" class="views_submenu" id='link_west' href='#'>WEST</a></li>
    					<li><a style="color:#000;" class="views_submenu" id='link_south' href='#'>SOUTH</a></li>

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    my first thought is that the ID isn't being added to the DOM tree, or is added asynchronously, and there isn't time between commands for the lookup to find it...

    i would try something more like:
    $("#view_east").html("").append($('img')).attr("id", "eastview").attr("src", "images/views/10th_east_sm.jpg");


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