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    Javascript jquery for verification

    Hello, I am trying to verify a form that has multiple check boxes, and when the "other" check box is checked and the "other_text" input has nothing in it, I need an error to fire asking to input the other text.. here is the current verification that does not work with my "other" check box.

    }else if(question_pos==24){

    if((!$('#followup_six_45_physician').prop('checked') && !$('#followup_six_45_pharm').prop('checked') && !$('#followup_six_45_nurse').prop('checked') && !$('#followup_six_45_none').prop('checked') && !$('#followup_six_45_other').prop('checked')) ||
    ($('#followup_six_45_other').prop('checked') && $('#followup_six_45_other_text').val() == "" )){

    if(( $('#followup_six_45_other').prop('checked') && $('#followup_six_45_other_text').val() == "")){
    alert("You selected \"Other\" for race, please fill in what other race you consider yourself to be.");
    return false;
    alert("Please select an answer.");
    return false;
    progress(93, $('#progressBar'));
    return true;

    So far, I get an error when the other checkbox is checked, but when I add text to the input, the error still fires. I dont know what to do to make the error only fire when there is no text in the "followup_six_45_other_text" and the "followup_six_45_other" is checked.

    Any help would be appreciated, for I am completely stuck right now.

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    Did you mean the alert message "You selected Other for race..." still appears even when the followup_six_45_other is checked and followup_six_45_other_text is not empty?

    Btw, please enclose the code in [code] [/code] tags for code readability.


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