I have a farily complex site here so I didn't post all of the code. Basically, I use JS (jQuery) to force new content into a central "hub" page. The pages are listed in order in an XML file. I am having problems with IE8 (affectionately known as "The Pig") and I am wondering if it is the way I pass the XML object. By the way, the debug tool for IE does not show me any errors.

Doesn't ajax acount for the differences between browsers? In other words, do I still need to sense the browser and pass the XML object accordingly?

Any help here would be very much appreciated


	var path = getModuleDataUrl();
		type: "GET",
		url: path,
		dataType: "xml",
		success: parseXml

function parseXml(xml)
	course_name= $(xml).find('course_name').text();
	block_title = $(xml).find('defaultBlockTitle').text();
		var page_obj = new Object();
		page_obj.title = $(this).attr('pageTitle');
		page_obj.url = $(this).attr('url');