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    JQuery Visualize Plugin - Help changing chart type

    I have an HTML table that is automatically updated using a function I created in javascript. I am using a graphing plugin that takes the updated information from this table and displays them as a pie chart. However, I have a problem. I really don't know enough about JQuery to update my graph.

    This is the source I am referring to:

    Note: The source in the link DOES update exactly as I want it to. However, as you can see it effects every table in my page, and makes them editable. This is a problem because the user can edit the title of a row! Basically I want what the function does, but I understand that it is only updating as the user edits a table.

    So I assume I am looking for some sort of onChange element to apply to it. Since I already have a function that will be changing the HTML table, I just need to update the chart...onChange...rather than onClick when the editable chart it clicked?

    I know this is basically all Jquery but I would guess some of you have some sort of experience with this. Anything to steer me in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Your jquery IS operating on ALL tables because of this = $('table') and $('table td')

    Give the table you want to control an ID [let's say ID="editable"] and use $('table#editable') and $('table#editable td')

    See if that works.


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